Administrative Committee

Membership of the Administrative Committee: This Committee shall consist of the President, Past President, President Elect, Vice President Finance, and Secretary serving ex-officio along with three members serving three year staggered terms. It shall assist the Vice President – Finance in monitoring the financial affairs of the Society. It shall assess the long- and short-term financial effects of various programs launched by the Society and its Chapters as well as alternate methods for measuring, reporting and monitoring costs. It shall make recommendations as to sources of revenue. It shall maintain close relationships with financial officers of other professional groups so as to ensure that the Society is aware of the best financial practices. It shall make periodic audits of the business office.

Retrieved from Policies of the System Dynamics Society, 2017

Historical Descriptions:

Membership of the Administrative Committee: This committee will be composed of the President (ex officio), the President Elect (ex officio), the Past President (ex officio), the Secretary (ex officio) and three members designated by the President.

Approved at the Policy Council Meeting, 15 February 2001