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Faced with increasing globalization, restructuring and consolidation, leaders must rethink their strategic approach to business and develop cutting-edge theories and methods to excel. They must think in very new and different ways to seize the opportunities ahead and avoid potential pitfalls. At ConfluentC, our experts will help you explore and make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities and address the challenges you’ll face along the way — with the ultimate goal of making your organization the best it can become.

Address ConfluentC, LLC 600 East John Carpenter Freeway Suite 370 Irving, TX 75062, USA
Type of SD Work

We provide C-suite executives, owners, boards of directors and management experts with the processes and tools necessary to achieve their organization’s goals through methods building on:

  • Dynamic governance
  • Service dynamics
  • Business and corporate strategy dynamics
  • Organziation and change
  • Process design and performance management
  • Culture and leadership
Where SD fits in your organization ConfluentC is a global management consulting and development firm integrating disciplines and functions to identify fresh opportunities and provide dynamic solutions to corporations. Based in Irving, Texas, U.S.A., its partners are leading-edge professionals from multiple fields and cultures, who enhance their client profitability and impact through innovative systemic frameworks.
Business Contact Person Usman A. Ghani
Contact phone, fax and/or email 972 600 8249
[email protected]
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