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Georgia Health Policy Center
Background of Organization

Georgia Health Policy Center at Georgia State University was established in 1995 and provides evidence-based research, program development and policy guidance on local, state and national levels to improve health status at the community level.

The center conducts, analyzes and disseminates qualitative and quantitative findings to connect decision makers with the objective research and guidance needed to make informed decisions about health policy and programs.

Today the center is at work in more than 220 communities in all 50 states, helping our nation to improve health status.

Address 55 Park Place NE, 8th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30303
Type of SD Work Our researchers apply systems thinking to various areas of health and health care in an effort to add to current knowledge and to inform health policy decisions. The GHPC recognizes that the current challenges of health are adaptive in nature and require new ways of thinking and acting. Systems thinking is an effective approach to designing higher leverage interventions that address our most stubborn health policy problems.
Typical career path Research Associate I, II,

Senior Research Associate,

Associate Project Director
Business Contact Person Mary Ann Phillips
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[email protected]

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