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Greenwood Strategic Advisors AG
Background of Organization

Founded by ex-PA consultants Andreas Harbig, Craig Stephens and Alan Graham. Offices located in Unteraegeri, outside Zug, Switzerland; however, Greenwood operates electronically, with our people living and working where they choose. At present, this is 3 European countries and East-coast US.

Address 40 Zugerstrasse, CH-6314 Unteraegeri, Switzerland
Type of SD Work Our products and services are based on well-validated simulator platforms, which we develop and support. We have worked in social systems, corporate strategy, and large project management.
Where SD fits in your organization SD-based products and services are the heart of what we do.
Typical career path We prefer "T-shaped" skills and activities: Broad general capabilities; and at least one deep expertise, e.g. technical modeling, tool development, data management, client management and communication, and project management.
Business Contact Person Christoph Kirch
Contact phone, fax and/or email [email protected]
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