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Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)
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HumRRO is an industry leader in the areas of human resource modeling, utilization, development, and skills assessment and enhancement; workforce and job analysis; personnel recruitment, selection, and occupational assignment; survey design and analysis; performance measurement; analysis of training and instructional technology; and personnel policy analysis.

Our focus is on gathering information relevant to human performance, applying state-of-the-art research methodologies and analytic techniques, and providing agencies and departments with reliable and  valid research results for use by decision makers. HumRRO's project experience includes research and assessment projects that have spanned a number of years, as well as efforts that respond to our clients' immediate needs. Furthermore, our experience has involved targeted analyses and information dissemination to high-level public officials. In keeping with our high visibility projects, our staff!

Members are adept at preparing results for executives and managers. Our recent clients include an assortment of federal, state, and local agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private companies.

Address 66 Canal Center Plaza, Ste. 700
Alexandria, VA, 22314-1591
Type of SD Work The Modeling and Simulation Program applies mathematical modeling and analysis techniques to understanding and improving the performance of human systems.
Research and applications of mathematical and statistical models are the core of this program's activities, whether the models represent structural descriptions of human abilities, interests, or temperaments; dynamic simulations of skill acquisition, retention, and performance; or more global models of human systems.

In addition, we develop and evaluate prescriptive models, including models that optimize person-job matching based on aptitudes and interests, or that guide the design of training systems to maximize effectiveness within cost constraints.

An important component of our activities is the evaluation of modeling and simulation technology for training.

Finally, we participate in projects focused on the collection and analysis of data to support modeling research, policy analysis, or corporate decision making.
Where SD fits in your organization The Modeling and Simulation Program is one of seven programs in HumRRO's Research and Consulting Operations Division. Since its inception, HumRRO has been involved in the assembly/collection and analysis of data to provide concrete, objective feedback to our clients regarding how programs and policies affect organizations and individuals. System dynamics modeling is one of several tools we use to meet our clients' needs.
Typical career path -
Business Contact Person Paul Sticha
Contact phone, fax and/or email 703-706-5635
[email protected]
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