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Lexidyne, LLC
Background of Organization Founded in 1998, Lexidyne works with clients around the world to better understand pressing business issues and how dynamic systems (such as the market for consumer products or the composition of alternative fuel vehicles in the US) are likely to unfold under various scenarios.
Address 19 South Tejon Street, Suite 212 Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Type of SD Work Using simulation technology, analytics, and data processing methods, Lexidyne's approach provides unique insight into the future by leveraging existing (but often underutilized) data sources and a variety of modeling techniques based on system dynamics principles.
Where SD fits in your organization System dynamics provides the fundamental theoretical framework for conceptualizing, analyzing, and ultimately understanding the structure and ultimate behavior of complex dynamic systems.
Typical career path Lexidyne resources often begin in our intern program, then advance junior associates before becoming senior consultants.
Business Contact Person Corey Peck
Contact phone, fax and/or email [email protected] 719.266.9009
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