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Millennium Institute
Background of Organization Millennium Institute (MI) is an independent and non-partisan nonprofit organization founded in 1983 to inspire global action on sustainability issues. MI's vision is a world in which decision makers apply extensive knowledge and a systemic perspective to bring about a sustainable, equitable, and peaceful global society.

MI strives to realize its vision by enabling decision makers to use system dynamics tools to analyze and understand the interconnectedness between economic, social, environmental factors, and issues of peace and security. Our demonstrated understanding of the complexity of and interrelationships among policies in each sustainability dimension has helped to create greater and more open dialog among stakeholders in the formulation of policies. In the past three decades, we have assisted more than 40 nations and regional groups to outline policies to achieve sustainable development goals.
Address 1875 I Street NW, Suite 549
Washington, DC 20006.
Type of SD Work MI develops system dynamics-based models
Where SD fits in your organization System Dynamics is at the core of MI's work. We partner with a wide range of stakeholders to develop SD-based macroeconomic models that support comprehensive and integrated scenario analysis of global, regional, and national development challenges. Our flagship model - the Threshold 21 model - supports looking into alternative futures from the business as usual scenario, so policy makers can informed choices that optimize the synergies and minimize or mitigate the unintended consequences of policy decisions.
Typical career path MI recruits modelers/policy analysts who work on model development and policy analysis. MI recruits both entry-level and experienced modelers.
Business Contact Person Adedoyin Onasanya
Contact phone, fax and/or email [email protected]
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