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Powersim Software AS
Background of Organization Powersim Software was founded on new thinking about how organizations should make strategic choices. Our goal is to help our customers and clients find practical solutions to problems while strengthening their capabilities to confront future challenges.

Litleåsvegen 79, N-5132 Nyborg, NORWAY

Type of SD Work

Powersim Software focus on creating high-quality simulation models that are useful to our clients. This is the first priority of all Powersim Software modelling consultants. Our powerful combination of software expertise and modelling expertise ensures you will get the most from your investment.

Where SD fits in your organization

Typical opportunities include positions in software development, consulting, training, and dynamic modeling support.

Typical career path

University in Bergen

Business Contact Person

Tone Haveland

Contact phone, fax and/or email

Phone: +47 55606500; Fax: +47 55606501; Mail: [email protected]

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