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Powersim Solutions, Inc.
Background of Organization Powersim Solutions is a SD-based simulation solutions company located in Washington D.C. metro area. We provide simulation-based solutions for management training, decision support and strategic planning. Our clients are from both public and private sectors and a wide range of industries including high tech, telecom, financial services, hospitality, aviation and pharmaceutical, among others. Leading companies, including Microsoft, AOL, Discover Financials, Pfizer and a host of other Fortune 500 companies, use our solutions.

500 Grove St. Suite 210
Herndon VA, 20170

Where SD fits in your organization

Our simulation-based solutions bring an experimental approach to developing, communicating and executing strategies and to scenario-based strategic planning. Our solutions include a system dynamics-based simulation model of your business and an application platform that provides you the capability to use the simulation model for experimental learning and planning.

Typical career path

Modeling Consultants

Responsibilities will include:
- Be involved in the entire aspect of a client solution including simulation design,
model building, testing (validation and verification) and delivery
- Work with client team in getting both qualitative and quantitative information for
the model
- Provide support to Powersim Studio software users
- Assist senior consultants in teaching modeling skills workshops
- Participate in sales activities if necessary

Business Contact Person

Imrana Umar

Contact phone, fax and/or email

[email protected]

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