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Systems Thinking Collaborative
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Our Mission
We work in partnership with our clients. Our practice is based on the view that systemic thinking must become embedded into the organization so teams can better understand the connections among their decisions, people, and performance.

Our Experience
STC consultants have invested their professional careers applying systems thinking, focusing on a wide variety of industries as well as societal and community issues.
While we do have background knowledge of many industries and issues, we offer deep systems expertise, concepts, and tools; our clients bring deep understanding of their environment; together we find a heightened level of perception and new ways to think about issues. The results are often amazing.

We are committed to the transfer of thinking skills, that is, leaving our client's not just with solutions to immediate issues but with new ways of understanding their systems as they move into the future. We also provide coaching as needed for on-going progress.


91 Whitman St.
Stow, MA 01775

Type of SD Work Facilitation, Consulting, Modeling for Learning, Expert Modeling, Learning Lab Development
Where SD fits in your organization

SD fundamentals underly the core principles that informs our work.  Simulation modeling using iThink and Vensim is also a common component of our work.

Typical career path Contract opportunities available on a variable basis for Associate Members
Business Contact Person

Kristina Wile

Contact phone, fax and/or email

978 897 5670

[email protected]

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