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Ventana Systems UK
Background of Organization

Ventana Systems UK Ltd is a privately owned System Dynamics consultancy based in the United Kingdom. The company was formed in 2000 to help organisations understand their problems through the use of System Dynamics modelling and business simulations.


Ventana House, 41 Western Way, Salisbury, Wiltshire. SP2 9DR, UK

Type of SD Work Creation of Business Simulation Solutions using Vensim software and further developing these into management tools using our Sable Interface software.
Where SD fits in your organization

Most clients are private, but public applications have been created for the government and other research establishments where we often create fundamentally new decision support architectures. We have designed and developed System Dynamics models in a wide range of sectors, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, Construction, Energy, Environment, Food, Healthcare, Law & Order, Telecommunications, Media, Military , Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing & Logistics.

Typical career path

Ventana's personnel have backgrounds in science, applied mathematics, robust modeling, statistics, dynamic simulation, optimal control, noisy data and indirect measurement. Ventana fields of application include business strategy, energy strategy, economic growth, promotion, complex engineering, research & development, and large program management.

Business Contact Person Andrew Hill
Contact phone, fax and/or email [email protected]
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