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ViaSim Solutions
Background of Organization Software development company that focuses on creating SD-based management and planning tools for government and commercial organizations.  Tools include scmBLOX (supply chain management), pmBLOX (project management), assetBLOX (asset management), and workBLOX (human resource management).  ViaSim Solutions also provides consulting and training for system dynamics, project management, strategic planning, Lean, and Six Sigma.
Address ViaSim Solutions
519 Interstate 30 #247
Rockwall, TX  75087
Type of SD Work - supply chain management
- project management
- resource management
- asset management
- infrastructure planning
- ecosystem management
- anything else that needs SD
Where SD fits in your organization All our tools are SD-based simulation tools, so SD is a primary part of our product development.
Typical career path There are two common paths.  The first path involves developing the underlying models for an SD-based tool (e.g., ecoBLOX for ecosystems) and then taking that tool to market and becoming the Product Manager for that specific tool.  The second path involves developing models for all of our SD-based tools and staying on the model development side instead of the product development side.  We are a small company, so we are flexible to create other career paths as well.
Business Contact Person J. Chris White
Contact phone, fax and/or email 214-335-9949 (USA)
[email protected]
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