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We are a group of Ph.D. students from Albany and MIT who meets once every semester to discuss our research. The second Albany-MIT Ph.D. colloquium took place at MIT on April 20, 2001; Patricia Quinn and Paulo Gonçalves organized it. The third colloquium, being organized by Peter Otto and Hazhir Rahmandad, is scheduled to take place at Albany on October 12, 2001.


(April 20,2001)

Peter Otto/Robert Bois (Albany) 

Paulo Gonçalves (MIT)

Elise Axelrad Weaver (Albany)

Mila Getmansky (MIT)

Jochen Scholl (Albany)

Brad Morrison (MIT)

Ignacio Martinez-Moyano / Luis Luna (Albany)

Hazhir Rahmandad (MIT)

Bois & Otto






Martinez-Moyano & Luna



Faculty:     Jay Forrester, Jim Hines, Jim Lyneis, and Nelson Repenning

Students:   (Albany) J. Robert Bois, Min Li, Luis Luna, Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Peter Otto, Patricia Quinn, April Roggio, Jochen Scholl, Elise Axelrad Weaver, Yi-jung Wu and (MIT) Mila Getmansky, Paulo Gonçalves, Brad Morisson, and Hazhir Rahmandad.

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