The 4th MIT-UAlbany Ph.D. Colloquium Series

April 5, 2002


Mila Getmansky (MIT) and Michael Deegan (Albany)


Student (Affiliation)


Mila Getmansky and Jannette Papastaikoudi (MIT) Extrapolating Expectations:  An Explanation For Excess Volatility, Overreaction And Limited Information - Getmansky
Ozge Pala (Nijmegen/MIT) Dynamics Of Organizational Change - Pala
Peter Otto (Albany) Gloucester Community Development Corporation - Otto
Brad Morrison (MIT)  Innovation Implementation:  How The How Matters - Morrison
Jim Hines (MIT) Organizational Evolution - Hines
Patricia Quinn (Albany) Biotechnology And The Dairy Industry - Quinn

Paulo Goncalves (MIT)


Luis Luna (Albany) Luna
Keith Eubanks (PA Consulting) Eubanks
Vedat Diker (Albany) The Dynamics Of Internet Aided Voluntary Collaborative Work - Diker
Elaine Lizeo (MIT) The Influences of Learning Behavior On The Performance Of Work Teams - Lizeo


Faculty:    David Andersen, Anthony Cresswell,  Jim Hines, Anjali Sastry, John Sterman

PA Consultants:   Carol Choi, Sharon Els, Keith Eubanks, Jon Moore

Students:   Jason Black, Michael Deegan, Vedat Diker, Mila Getmansky, Nuno Gil, Paulo Goncalves, Elaine Lizeo, Luis       Luna, Ignacio Martinez, Brad Morrison, Peter Otto, Ozge Pala, Jannette Papastaikoudi, Patricia Quinn, Hazhir Rahmandad, April Roggio, B. Woody Sherman

Contact Person

If you have any questions, contact Mila Getmansky.