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Forrester Award Winners

  • 2020

    No Award

  • 2019

    Rogelio Oliva
    For "Structural dominance analysis of large and stochastic models." System Dynamics Review 2016, 32(1): 26-51.

  • 2018

    Edward G. Anderson Jr. and Kyle Lewis
    For "A Dynamic Model of Individual and Collective Learning Amid Disruption." Organization Science 25(2): 321-652.

  • 2017
    No Award
  • 2016
    Shayne Gary and Robert Wood
    For “Mental models, decision rules, and performance heterogeneity.” Strategic Management Journal 32.6 (2011): 569-594.
  • 2015
    Hazhir Rahmandad
    For “Impact of Growth Opportunities and Competition on Firm-Level Capability Development Tradeoffs.” Organization Science 23(1):138-154, 2011.
    Hazhir’s talk at the conference
  • 2014
    No Award
  • 2013
    No Award
  • 2012
    J. Bradley Morrison, Jenny W. Rudolph, and John S. Carroll
    For “The dynamics of action-oriented problem solving: linking interpretation and choice.” Academy of Management Review 34(4): 733-756, 2009.
    Brad’s talk at the conference
  • 2011
    No Award
  • 2010
    Mark Paich, Corey Peck, and Jason Valant

    For “Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies: Simulating Patient Flow and Portfolio Dynamics” published by Informa Healthcare; 2nd edition March 2009
  • 2009
    No Award
  • 2008
    Kimberly M. Thompson and Radboud J. Duintjer Tebbens

    For “Eradication Versus Control for Poliomyelitis: an Economic Analysis” published in The Lancet 369(9570): 1363-137, April 2007.
  • 2007
    David Lane and Elke Husemann

    For “Steering Away from Scylla, Falling into Charybdis: The Importance of Recognising, Simulating and Challenging Reinforcing Loops in Social Systems.” published in Entscheiden in Komplexen Systemen [Decision-making in Complex Systems] in 2002.
  • 2006
    Thomas S. Fiddaman

    For “Exploring policy options with a behavioral climate-economy model,” published in the System Dynamics Review 18(2) Summer 2002.
  • 2005
    Kim D. Warren

    For “Competitive Strategy Dynamics,” published in 2002.
  • 2004
    Eric F. Wolstenholme

    For “Towards the Definition and Use of a Core Set of Archetypal Structures in System Dynamics,” published in the System Dynamics Review 19(1) Spring 2003.
  • 2003
    Nelson P. Repenning
    For “Understanding Fire Fighting in New Product Development” published in 2001 in the Journal of Product Innovation Management.
  • 2002
    John D. Sterman

    For “Business Dynamics, Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World” (McGraw-Hill, 2000).
  • 2001
    Peter Milling

    For “Modeling innovation processes for decision support and management simulation.”  System Dynamics Review 12(3): 211-234, 1996.
  • 2000
    Erling Moxnes

    For “Not Only the Tragedy of the Commons: Misperceptions of Bioeconomics.” Management Science 44(9): 1234-1248, 1998.
  • 1999
    Jac A. M. Vennix

    For “Group Model Building: Facilitating Team Learning Using System Dynamics” (John Wiley and Sons, 1996).
  • 1998
    No Award
  • 1997
    Jack B. Homer

    For “A System Dynamics Model of National Cocaine Prevalence.” System Dynamics Review 9(1): 49-78.
  • 1996
    Andrew Ford

    For “Estimating the Impact of Efficiency Standards on Uncertainty of the Northwest Electric System.” Operations Research. July-August. 1990.
  • 1995
    Khalid Saeed

    For Towards Sustainable Development: Essays on System Analysis of National Policy (Progressive Publishers, 1991).
  • 1994
    Tarek Abdul-Hamid and Stuart Madnick

    For Software Project Dynamics: An Integrated Approach (Prentice Hall, 1991).
  • 1993
    George P. Richardson

    For Feedback Thought in Social Science and Systems Theory (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991).
  • 1992
    Peter M. Senge

    For The Fifth Discipline (Doubleday, 1990).
  • 1991
    Dennis L. Meadows

  • 1990
    John D. W. Morecroft

    For “Rationality in the Analysis of Behavioral Simulation Models.” Management Science 31(7): 900-916, 1985.
  • 1989
    Barry M. Richmond

    For STELLA and the Academic User’s Guide To STELLA.
  • 1988
    John D. Sterman

    For “Modeling Managerial Behavior: Misperceptions of Feedback in a Dynamic Decision Making Experiment.” Management Science 35(3): 321-339, 1988.
  • 1987
    No Award
  • 1986
    Erik Mosekilde and Javier Aracil

    For multiple articles on complex nonlinear dynamic systems.
  • 1985
    George P. Richardson and Alexander L. Pugh, III

    For Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling with DYNAMO (MIT Press, 1981).
  • 1984
    No Award
  • 1983
    Nancy H. Roberts, David F. Andersen, Ralph M. Deal, Michael S. Garet and William A. Shaffer

    For Introduction to Computer Simulation (Addison Wesley, 1983).

Dana Meadows Award Winners

  • 2020

    Feyyaz Senturk
    "Modeling The Pharmacodynamics of rHuEPO, a Blood Doping Drug"

    Honorable Mention (all equally ranked):
    Sudesh Sharma
    Phanuwich Kaewkamjonchai, Peeraya Piancharoen, Kornkanok Saringkarisate, Sorrawit Rojcheewin, Pongpat Wananukul, Adithep Suttawas, Piyawan Limpanyalert, Borwornsom Leerapan
    Sema Çömez

  • 2019

    Raquel Froese Buzogany
    "Policy Analysis of Material Convergence Challenges During Disasters."

    Honorable Mention (all equally ranked):
    Danielle Currie
    William Schoenberg
    Aklilu Tilahun Tadesse

  • 2018

    Gizem Aktaş
    "Modeling the Biological Mechanisms that Determine the Dynamics of Stress Response of the Human Body."

  • 2017
    Arash Baghaei Lakeh
    “The Dual-Process Theory and Understanding of Stocks and Flows” (co-authored by Navid Ghaffarzadegan)

    Honorable Mention (all equally ranked):
    Alba Rojas-Cordova
    “Trial Termination and Drug Misclassification in Sequential Adaptive Clinical Trials” (co-author Niyousha Hosseinichimeh)
    Derek Chan
    “Market Formation Across Socioeconomic Class: Impact of Market Infrastructure and Mechanisms” (co-authors Jeroen Struben and Laurette Dube)
    Henry Bartelet
    “Exploring the effectiveness of policies to reverse rapid coral reef degradation in the Philippines.”

  • 2016
    No Award
  • 2015
    Mohammad S. Jalali, Armin Ashouri Rad, Oscar Herrera-Restrepo, Hui Zhang
    “Information Diffusion through Social Networks: the Case of an Online Petition”


    Honorable Mention (all equally ranked):
    Chris Browne, Paul Compston
    “Rethinking intuition of accumulation principles”
    Arash Baghaei Lakeh, Navid Ghaffarzadegan*
    “Does Analytical Thinking Improve Understanding of Accumulation?”

* Academic supervisor or not a student at time of award

System Dynamics Applications Award Winners

  • 2020
    Darren Holland, Elke Husemann, Abdul Khaled, and David Lane
    "Understanding foodborne transmission mechanisms for Norovirus: A study for the UK's Food Standards Agency"
David Lane's acceptance and presentation at the 2020 Conference
  • 2018
    Brian Bush, Danny Inman, Emily Newes, Steve Peterson, Amy Schwab, Dana Stright, and Laura Vimmerstedt
    "Biomass Scenario Model"
  • 2017
    Steven Arquitt, Carla S. Assuad, Melak M. Ayenew, Gerald O. Barney, Santiago M. Blanco, David Collste, Hans R. Herren, Maximilian Kleemann, Matteo Pedercini, Weishuang Qu, John D. Shilling and Gunda Zuellich.
    “Threshold 21 Model for Long-Term National Development Planning”
  • 2015
    James T. McCarthy, Craig L. Hocum, Robert C. Albright, James Rogers, Edward J. Gallaher, David P. Steensma, Stephen F. Gudgell, Eric J. Bergstralh, John C. Dillion, LaTonya J. Hickson, Amy W. Williams, and David Dingli
    “Biomedical System Dynamics to Improve Anemia Control With Darbepoetin Alfa in Long-Term Hemodialysis Patients”
    More Information
  • 2013
    John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman, Travis Franck, Andrew Jones, Stephanie McCauley, Philip Rice, Elizabeth Sawin and Lori Siegel
    “Climate Interactive: the C-ROADS Climate Policy Model”
    More Information
  • 2011
    Jack Homer, Kristina Wile, Gary Hirsch, Justin Trogdon, Amanda Honeycutt, Bobby Milstein, Diane Orenstein and Lawton Cooper

    For “Prevention Impacts Simulation Model (PRISM) for Chronic Disease Policymaking”
    More Information
  • 2009
    Kenneth Cooper and Gregory Lee

    For “Application of System Dynamics: Managing the Dynamics of Projects and Changes at Fluor”
    More Information
  •  2007
    Vince Barabba, Chet Huber, Fred Cooke, Nick Pudar, Jim Smith, and Mark Paich

    For “A Multimethod Approach for Creating New Business Models: The General Motors OnStar Project”.
    More Information

System Dynamics Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

  • 1998
    R. Geoffrey Coyle
    , Lifetime Achievement Award

System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award Winners

  • 2020
    Erik Pruyt, System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2018
    John Sterman
    System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2016
    Yaman Barlas, System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2015
    Dean Christensen, System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2014
    Pål Davidsen
     and Jac A. M. Vennix, System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2012
    Peter Milling
    , System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2011
    David Andersen 
    and George Richardson, System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2009
    Andrew Ford
    , System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2005*
    Robert Eberlein
    , Lifetime Service Recognition Award
  • 1997*
    Alexander L. Pugh, III
    , Lifetime Service Recognition Award

*The Lifetime Service Recognition Award was formalized and renamed as the Outstanding Service Award in 2009.
(Community Service Award Committee details.)