Best Poster Award Self-Nomination

This year, the tradition of the Best Poster Award at the Poster Symposium continues!

Eligibility: Any work accepted as a poster and presented at the Albuquerque Conference Poster Symposium can be considered for the Best Poster Award. If a co-authored paper is selected as the winner, all authors will receive a certificate.

Nomination Procedure: For a poster to be considered for the “2018 Best Poster Award” a pre-conference pdf version of the poster display must be uploaded to the Submission System website, in advance of the conference and by July 8, which is two weeks before the Poster Symposium event. All papers accepted for poster presentation with the pre-conference pdf file uploaded will be considered self-nominated. Self-nominating by uploading the pdf file is the only way to be considered. The winning posters will be selected by judges including the 2019 Thread Chairs, Program Chairs, Conference Organizers, and Special Event Chairs.

An award winning poster (in the form of the pre-conference pdf file) will be evaluated on presentation content and clarity in the pre-conference pdf file upload of the poster:

  • Layout/Style: Is the poster readable? Well laid out? Adequate use of color? Is there a graphic representation that grasps of the problem, model, and results? For more on poster design please click here.
  • Insights: Does the poster indicate what is special about this work? (e.g. novel approach, new insight, interesting topic, unique analysis, etc.)
  • Clarity of problem definition: Is there a problem statement? It is clear and concise? Has the presenter avoided modeling a system? Is this a poster about something other than a model? (e.g. tools, analysis, etc.) These are equally valid.
  • CLD/SFD/model articulation: Does the poster show a CLD/SFD and/or model articulation? Does the poster include a diagram of your model? Are they understandable? Do they add to your understanding of the problem? If the poster is about something other than a model, what is understanding is gained?
  • Analysis and Results description: Does the model have results? Are they rigorously analyzed? Are they explained including why? Does the analysis (i.e. not a model) have a description?

How to submit your pre-conference pdf file: Log in using the Submission System Login. Click on the Program Submission button and “Edit Paper.” Scroll down to “Best Poster Award Self Nomination” and upload your pdf.

The Award: The award is a certificate signed by the Program Chairs and an announcement to the general audience acknowledging the achievement. The announcement is scheduled during the afternoon plenary session on Tuesday, just before the Poster Symposium event. Following the conference announcement, the winner and poster will be published on the Society website. Please review some examples of award winning posters here.

Background: The Best Poster Award was introduced at the 2007 Boston Conference, celebrating the Society’s 50th anniversary. Poster presentations are a very important way of sharing significant research and deserve recognition. The poster gives a framework to visually summarize your work, to engage others in discussions, and an opening to entice others to learn more by reading the full paper.