2017 Best Poster Winners

Best Poster Winners presented at the ISDC 2017 (July 21, 2017)

At the 35th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, five poster presentations received the Best Poster Award. The 2017 recipients of the Best Poster Award include: John Voyer and Tristan Jordan for their poster A Veterinary Telemedicine Case Study; William Grace for his poster Beyond the Death Spiral - Transitioning to Renewable Energy in Western Australia; Benedicte Wilson for her poster The dynamics of female labour force participation: how family policy influences womens work behavior; Gary Linneusson, Amos Ng, and Tehseen Aslam for their poster Justifying maintenance studying system behavior: a multi-purpose approach using multi-objective optimization; and Carolyn Stwertka and Steve Peterson for their poster Engaging communities to make resilience an operational concept. Congratulations to all on your outstanding poster presentations! 

william grace photo
William Grace with his Winning Poster.

benedicte wilson photo
Benedicte Wilson in front of her Winning Poster.

Carolyn Stwertka photo
Carolyn Stwertka standing with her Winning Poster.

2016 Best Poster Winners

Best Poster Winner presented at the ISDC 2016 (July 28, 2016)

At the 34th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, two poster presentations received the award of Best Poster Winner. The awards were presented to Joona Tuovinen for his poster The Dynamics of Product Commonality: Implications of the circular causality between product and firm structures, and Andrea Navarrete, Camilo Olaya, and Juliana Gomez-Quintero, for their poster To Legislate or not to Legislate? That is the Question: How Legislative Inflation Boosts Prison Overcrowding. Congratulations on your outstanding poster presentations!

 Camilo Olaya's Winning Poster.

2015 Best Poster Winners

2015 Conference Wednesday Afternoon Best Poster Award Winner (July 23, 2015)

The Best Poster Award for the Wednesday afternoon Economics, Security and Operations Poster Session was presented for The Paradox of Redistribution: A System Dynamics Translation, by David Collste. The session co-chairs stated it was difficult to pick a winner because many posters we interesting and qualified. We particularly liked this one for a number of reasons: important topic of income and welfare inequality in society and clarity of the presentation. Congratulations to David!

2015 Conference Wednesday Morning Best Poster Award Winner (July 22, 2015)

The Best Poster Award for the Business & Strategy Poster Session was presented for paper The impact of Australia’s carbon tax on an unshielded emissions intensive trade exposed manufacturing industry by Sue McAvoy. The Session Co-chairs commented about this paper: “This poster deals with an important topic at the intersection of public and business policy; the model is complex but helps reach interesting conclusions. An important problem; interesting insights. Congratulations!”

John and Sue with the Winning Poster

2015 Conference Tuesday Afternoon Best Poster Award Winner (July 22, 2015)

The Best Poster Award for the Methodology and Learning Session was presented for The Capability Traps in Explaining the Capability Trap: Lessons from the Field on Conveying Generalizable System Insights, by Peter Hovmand, Laura Guzman-Abello, Camilo Olaya, Wolfgang Munar, Mary Jo Stahlschmidt. The session co-chairs commented about this paper “The authors did a great job grounding their work in achievable goals, were able to find practically important problems with untrained clients, and developed a method for replicating these quantitative insights in other settings. Results provide better changes of communicating systems insights.”

Peter with the Winning Poster

2015 Conference Tuesday Morning Best Poster Award Winner (July 21, 2015)

There was a tie for the Best Poster Award during the Tuesday morning Health and Human Behavior Poster Session. The winners are Sarah Peterson for Understanding the dynamics of Ebola transmission using a simple dynamic model. The session chairs stated “This poster addresses an urgent public health problem using an innovative combination of System Dynamics modeling and network dynamics using online data sources building on a classic epidemiology framework.”

The other winner paper was Local Area Physician Workforce Planning Model Pilot, by Michael Dill, Gary Hirsch, and Emily Yunker. The session chairs stated, “ This poster presents a pilot project designed to engage local stakeholders in a healthcare workforce capacity-building effort, with important implications for participatory modeling methods and planning for national-scale implementation.”

Sarah with the Winning Poster

Emily, Michael, and Gary with the Winning Poster

2015 Conference Monday Afternoon Best Poster Award Winner (July 20, 2015)

The Best Poster Award for the Environment and Public Policy Poster Session was presented for Product Policy Impact in the Lifecycle of Light Bulbs Through System Dynamics, by Luz-Angelica Rodriguez, Enrique Estupinan, Sonia Jaimes, and Diego Toro. The session co-chairs commented “This paper addresses an important environmental problem in an engaging and informative way.”

Luz-Angelica and Enrique with the Winning Poster

2015 Conference Monday Morning Best Poster Award Winner (July 20, 2015)

There was a tie for Best Poster Award for the Resource Management poster session on Monday morning at the conference. Resilience in Zambia’s Maize Value Chain. An explorative case study on using System Dynamics for resilience testing, by Conrad Steinhilber was one of the winners. Congratulations Conrad!

The other poster to tie for Best Poster in the Resource Management Poster Session on Monday morning was Rooftop Solar and the Utilities Death Spiral – a system dynamics analysis, by Conor Meehan. Congratulations Conor!

Conrad with the Winning Poster

Conor with the Winning Poster