Documenting Tools

Documenting models is fundamental to both their credibility and ongoing use. Documentation can also provide deep understanding of model structure, especially if it is structured as a linked web page allowing the user to browse in any directions.

SDM-Doc, developed at Argonne National Labs, takes a text format Vensim models and creates html based documentation. It is an open source project hosted here (on this website). Though currently configured to run under windows, because it is open source it may be possible to adapt it to different environments. Anyone wishing to make modifications is encouraged to contact the original authors who are continuing to develop the tool.

Automated Eigenvalue analysis of SD models, Identifying Dominant Behavior Patterns, Links and Loops Automated Eigenvalue Analysis of System Dynamics Models uses a Powersim Constructor parsed file to generate a model analysis. The paper can be found at here (on this website). The tool can be found under BSD license . It was developed by Ahmed Abdeltawab A.S. Aboughonim, Bahaa E. Aly Abdel Aleem, Mohamed M. Saleh, and Pål I. Davidsen.