(1975 - 1984)

This section of our web-site includes digitised versions of all the papers published in the journal Dynamica, the precursor to the Society’s journal System Dynamics Review. At an informal meeting at the 2005 Boston conference of the ‘three presidents’ (Immediate Past President, President Elect, and myself as the then serving President), it was recognised that Dynamica comprised an important repository of early System Dynamics papers. Most people know someone who knows someone with a set of issues, and copies of all issues were lodged with the British libraries of record, but it was decided that all Society members and researchers in the field should be able to access easily the full set. That facility is now in place, and goes a long way to completing the 'digital paper trail' of System Dynamics research and publication.

Dynamica essentially started as a house journal for the System Dynamics Group at Bradford University, initially publishing work by Bradford people, visitors to the group, research collaborators and other professional acquaintances, but soon started attracting submissions from people outside this network.  This demonstrated the need for a dedicated, open access journal, which Dynamica quickly became. It was a critical move that it should morph into the System Dynamics Review as the official journal of the Society when it was formed in the 1980s.

In its time, Dynamica published a number of important papers and eventually was taken by quite a wide international subscribership; it is important and timely that these are now available in their full, original versions to all researchers and practitioners.

It is very important that we acknowledge the contribution of the editors and supporters who worked to develop the original journal, to the University of Bradford for encouraging and underwriting the venture. It is equally important that we appreciate all those who have volunteered much of time to the digitisation project.  Finally, we must be grateful to the University of Bradford, as copyright holder, for the generosity in permitting us to make access to this valuable literature base freely available through our web-site.

Graham W. Winch

  Founding Editor, Dynamica

  Executive Editor, System Dynamics Review (1995-2001) 

Papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from http://www.adobe.com.

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Volume 1, Summer 1975

Volume 6, Part 1, Summer 1980

Volume 6, Part 2, Winter 1980

Volume 2, Part 1, Autumn 1975

Volume 2, Part 2, Spring 1976

Volume 2, Part 3, Summer 1976

Volume 7, Part 1, Summer 1981

Volume 7, Part 2, Winter 1981

Volume 3, Part 1, Autumn 1976

Volume 3, Part 2, Spring 1977

Volume 3, Part 3, Summer 1977

Volume 8, Part 1, Summer 1982

Volume 8, Part 2, Winter 1982

Volume 4, Part 1, Autumn 1977

Volume 4, Part 2, Spring 1978

Volume 4, Part 3, Summer 1978

Volume 9, Part 1, Summer 1983

Volume 9, Part 2, Winter 1983

Volume 5, Part 1, Autumn 1978

Volume 5, Part 2, Spring 1979

Volume 5, Part 3, Summer 1979

Volume 10, Part 1, Summer 1984

Volume 10, Part 2, Winter 1984


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Volume 1, Summer 1975

Coyle, R.G. Practical Industrial Application of System Dynamics

Thillainathan, V. Capacity Acquisition for Continuous Production Systems

Shehata, Hussien A Simple System Dynamics Model of Cash Budgeting

Sharp, J. A. The Effects of Perturbations on System Dynamics Models

Volume 2, Part 1, Autumn 1975

Wijnolst, Niko The Dynamics of National Fleet Development

Seddon, V.J. Calving Policy and the Dynamics of Debt Management on a Small Dairy Farm

Price, D.H.R. Natural Resource Usage in the U.K. – A Preliminary View

Winch, Graham The Dynamic Implications of Forecasts

Volume 2, Part 2, Spring 1976

Lukaszewicz, R. The Direct Form of Structural Models within System Dynamics

Ratnatunga, Ajita A Distributed Parameter Simulation Model of Population Growth

Sharp, J.A. The Role of Forecasts in System Dynamics

Taylor, A.J. The Dynamics of Supply and Demand in Shipping

Raiswell, J.E. Technical Note: Determination of Time Spent in a Backlog (Or Similar Queue)

Volume 2, Part 3, Summer 1976

Hershauer, James C. with William A. Ruch The Dynamics of Organizational Productivity

Ratnatunga, A.K. with J.A. Sharp Linearization and Order Reduction in System Dynamics Models

Raiswell, J.E. The Problem of Pricing Strategy in Shipbuilding

Winch, Graham Optimisation Experiments with Forecast Bias

Sharp, J.A. The Aggregate Ordering Equation for a Class of Inventory Control Systems

Volume 3, Part 1, Autumn 1976

Keloharju, Raimo Multi-objective Decision Models in System Dynamics

Ballico-Lay, B. A Dimensional Analyser for System Dynamics Models

Stewart, C. J. Strategic Planning for U.K. Libraries

Lukaszewicz, R. System Dynamics as a Realization of the System Approach

Coyle, R. G. Technical Note: The Calculation of Average Age of a Group of Items

Volume 3, Part 2, Spring 1977

Keloharju, Raimo Multi-Objective Decision Models in System Dynamics

Zepeda, E.A. The Capacity Expansion Process in the Electricity Supply Industry

Montaldo, Dante H. A System Dynamics Model of an Underground Metal Mine

Zachoval, J. Technical Note: Improvements to DYSMAP Compiler 1976-77

Volume 3, Part 3, Summer 1977

Roberts, Edward B. Systems Analysis of Apparel Company Problems

Coyle, R. G. Modelling the Future of Mining Group

Volume 4, Part 1, Autumn 1977

Ford, Andrew Summary Description of the BOOM1 Model

Taylor, A. J. On the Deduction of Relationship in System Dynamics Modelling

Keloharju, Raimo System Dynamics or Super Dynamics?

Coyle, R. G. Technical Notes: An Equation for Modelling Market Share

Volume 4, Part 2, Spring 1978

Roberts, Nancy Computer Gaming: A Strategy for Increasing Students’ Sense of Control over their Futures

Coyle, R.G. An Approach to the Formulation of Equations for Performance Indices

Raiswell, J.E. Sensitivity Analysis Revisited

Sharp, J.A. The moving Average Filter

Volume 4, Part 3, Summer 1978

Hall, Roger I. Simple Technique for Constructing Explanatory Models of Complex Systems For Policy Analysis

Braden, Charles H. A Societal Model to Study a Geeignet Population

Mosleshirazi, Ali N. Calculating Total Capital Expenditures On Existing Projects up to the Forecast Horizon

Sharp, J. A. Optimal Control Theory as a Framework for the Interpretation of System Dynamics

Volume 5, Part 1, Autumn 1978

Coyle, R.G.System Dynamics – the State-of-the-Art

Braden, Charles H. Decision Procedure to Minimize Marginal Production Cost in a System Dynamics Model

Ansio, Tero with Erkki Mattila Three Strategies of Pollution Control – A Heuristical Optimization Model

Volume 5, Part 2, Spring 1979

Lopez, David A. with George W. Watson A System Dynamics Simulation Model of the U.S. Marine Corps Manpower System

Sharp, J. A. with R. M. Henry Designing Policies the Ziegler Nichols Way

Coyle, R. G. Accounting for Depreciation

Volume 5, Part 3, Summer 1979

Wolstenholme, E.F. Managing International Mining

Richardson, George P. with David F. Andersen Teaching for Research in System Dynamics

Winch, Graham W. Smoothing Fluctuations in the Allocation of the Building Society Mortgages

Volume 6, Part 1, Summer 1980

Taylor, A.J.Loop Analysis and Model Validation

Keloharju, Raimo General Frame of Resources, Structure and Trade-Off

Wolstenholme, E.F. with R.G. Coyle Modelling Discrete Events in System Dynamics

Mohapatra, Pratap K.J. Structural Equivalence between Control Systems Theory and System Dynamics – Part I

Mohapatra, Pratap K.J. Nonlinearity in System Dynamics Models – Part II

Volume 6, Part 2, Winter 1980

Jones, Jack W. with E. Leigh Secrest Computer – Based Support for Enhanced Oil Recovery Investment Decisions

Craig, G. D. A Methodology for Financial Modelling

Wolstenholm, E.F. Designing and Assessing the Benefits of Control Policies for Conveyor Belt Systems in Underground Mines

Lambridis, Christos The Future of the U.K. Paper Industry. A System Dynamics Study

Volume 7, Part 1, Summer 1981

Beaumont, J.R. Non-linear System Dynamics: Some Theoretical and Applied Issues

Lebel, Jean D. System Dynamics

Rahn, R. Joel A System Dynamics Model for Long-Range Electric Utility Planning: Implementation Experience

Tabucanon, Mario T. with Anwarul Islam Simulation of a Product Life Cycle

Meadows, Donella H. DISCUSSION: Resources, Technology, Environment, What is the Question?

Volume 7, Part 2, Winter 1981

Chen, Fiona with David Andersen and Tanette Nguyen A Preliminary System Dynamics Model of the Allocation of State Aid to Education

Gulbrandsen, Odd Transparent Systems’ Dependence Upon Oil: A Long Term System Dynamic Policy Analysis

White, C. Elements of Control in Alliance Force Development

Drew, Donald R. Systems Management: A General Over View – Part I – The Underlying Concepts and Approaches

Fey, Willard DISCUSSION: System Dynamics’ Sliver Anniversary: A Time for Reflection and Reformulation

Cavana, R. Y. DISCUSSION: A Note on Strategic Management Training for System Dynamics Modellers

Volume 8, Part 1, Summer 1982

Coyle, R. G. A Model of the Dynamics of the Third World War – An Exercise in Technology Transfer

Drew, Donald R. System Management: A General Overview – Part II – System Dynamics Modelling

Morecroft, John D. W. A Critical Review of Diagramming Tools for Conceptualizing Feedback System Models

Homer, Jack B. Theories of the Industrial Revolution: A Feedback Perspective

Coyle, R. G. with J. C. Rego Modelling the Discrete Ordering of Hydroelectric Projects – The Argentinian Case

Wolstenholme, E.F. DISCUSSION: Future Dynamics of System Dynamics

Richardson, G. P. Submitted Problem: The Dynamics of Estimates of Petroleum Resources

Volume 8, Part 2, Winter 1982

Drew, Donald R. Systems Management: A General Overview. Part III – Development planning in the Lebanon

Probert, D. E. System Dynamics Modelling Within the British Telecommunications Business

Day, Richard H. Complex Behaviour in System Dynamics Models

Sancar, Fahriye H. with Bulent Ozgul Formal Aids to Model Formulation Using Worth Assessment and Delphi

Rahn, R. Joel Unity – Gain Positive Feedback Systems

Saeed, Khalid Discussion: Economic Development: Phenomenological Models and Irrelevant Controversies

Andersen, David F. Research Problems: Using Feedback Models to Test the Robustness of Statistical Program Evaluation Designs

Andersen, David F. Conference Report: Developing New Concepts I System Dynamics: A Review of the 7th International System Dynamics Conference at Brussels

Volume 9, Part 1, Summer 1983

Rohrbaugh, John with David F. Andersen Specifying Dynamic Objective Functions: Problems and Possibilities

Rahn, R. Joel A General Positive Feedback Structure

Saeed, Khalid Worker Compensation and Income Distribution in Agrarian Economics: Patterns and the Underlying Organization

Mosekilde, Erik with Steen Rasmussen Random Processes in System Dynamics

Roberts, Nancy with David Andersen, Ralph Deal, Michael Garet, William Shaffer, Tanette Nguyen and Marian Steinberg Discussion: An Introductory Curriculum in System Dynamics

Weil, Henry Birdseys Research Problems: The Dynamics of Strategy Implementation

Volume 9, Part 2, Winter 1983

Boyce, Stephen G. Examining Forestry Policies with System Dynamics Methods

Keloharju, Raimo with Ari Luostarinen Achieving Structural Sensitivity by Automatic Simplification

Linstone, Harold A. On the Management of Technology: Old and New Perspectives, Part I

Kummar, Rakesh Perspective Planning Model of a Steel Plant Based on System Dynamics Principles

Wolstenholme, E. F. System Dynamics: A System Methodology or a System Modelling Technique

Cundiff, W. E. Teaching and Research News. The Approach to System Dynamics at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

Volume 10, Part 1, Summer 1984

Jacobsen, Chanoch with Habert Law-Yone Sociology and System Dynamics

Kirchner, James W. A Methodological Framework for System Dynamics Model Evaluation

Saeed, Khalid with Arit Arayman Irdamidris Continuous Non-linear Functions for Use in System Dynamics Modeling

Linstone, Harold A. On the Management of Technology: Old and New Perspectives, Part II

Talavage, J. Network Modeling for System Dynamics

Floyd, Mary E. with George P. Richardson Research Problems: Entrained Oscillations in Pinon Pine

Booker, Done M. M. Teaching and Research News: Integrating Data Flow Models and System Dynamics in Information Systems Design Courses

Volume 10, Part 2, Winter 1984

Sterman, John D. Appropriate Summary Statistics for Evaluating the Historical Fit of System Dynamics Models

Galbraith, Peter L. A Dynamic Model for a Federal System of Higher Education

Uys, Pieter W. An Analytical Form for Table Functions Used in System Dynamics

Senge, Peter M. System Dynamics as an Artifact for the Systems Age

Sommer, M. On the Applicability of Econometric Methods to System Dynamics Models

Torrealdea, F. J. with M. Grana Discussion: Some ideas for a History Dynamics Model