Education Day at the 2018 Conference

Learn more about the program in an interview with Conference Organizer, Anna Hulda Ólafsdóttir from the University of Iceland. (In Icelandic, use "Translate this page" option.)

System Dynamics Experts to Bring Systems Simulation Modeling to Icelandic Educators and Students at International Conference

Team from Systems Dynamics Society Exploring Ways to Share New Ideas in Education
International Experts to Present System Simulation Workshops at Reykjavik Conference 

Update 4/4/18: 
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"Help Your Students (Ages 4 - 18+) Understand the Dynamic Behavior of Systems"

The ice is melting. New treatments for kidney disease are improving quality of life. Tensions are building up in the Middle East and in North Korea. Potable water is becoming scarce in parts of Africa.  The opioid epidemic is a serious problem in the United States. These are just of few of the systemic problems facing people globally. For more than 20 years, secondary school students in parts of the United States, Netherlands, China, Japan, and other locations around the world have been building simulation models to study these complex, systemic problems. Elementary school students have been using systems thinking tools to learn to look at systemic problems more holistically as part of a preschool to grade 12 continuum to learn to think differently about how the world works. 

Internationally recognized and award-winning educators who have taught both secondary school students to build simulation models of systemic problems and who have worked with primary school students using systems thinking activities will be attending the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society (ISDC) in Reykjavík in August 2018. Educators throughout Iceland are invited to learn more, gain knowledge and increase professional skills about these cutting-edge strategies, techniques, and learning approaches. Educators will be especially pleased to learn how systems concepts can be easily incorporated and used in all classrooms, including science, mathematics, social science, health, and economics classes.  

At the conference (August 6 -10, 2018), as part of the ISDC that will be hosted by the Icelandic System Dynamics Center, University of Iceland in Reykjavík, a special set of systems thinking and System Dynamics (simulation) modeling presentations and workshops will be open to interested pre-college educators. To get an idea about the modeling piece of this initiative, please click here.

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Student Modeling Contact: Diana Fisher, [email protected] 
SD Consultant, Pre-College Education
CC Modeling Systems, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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