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 Subject : Meeting Report of the Benelux System Dynamics Chapter @ Reykjavik.. 09/24/2018 03:29:02 PM 
Jill Slinger
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The meeting of the Benelux System Dynamics Chapter took place on 7 August 2018, was attended by 9 chapter members and chaired by Jill Slinger. The meeting commenced with a welcome word by the chair and an introductory round in which each of the attendees described their area(s) of interest and shared information about their activities in the preceding year. The fields of interest and application were wide ranging and included:
 Asset management
 Water management
 Group model building
 Sustainability
 Product service dynamics
 Uncertainty
 Teaching and research
 Public health forecasting
 Dissemination of the SD field
 Embedded systems, systems engineering
 Food product management
 Coastal and port dynamics.
The next item on the agenda was the activity of the Chapter itself, rather than the individual members. This has been low in the last year. An identified problem in contacting potential members is the lack of a list of system dynamics practitioners resident in the Benelux. With the plan to host a Benelux Chapter Symposium on 29 November 2018 at the TU Delft Campus in The Hague, the activity level should increase in the coming period. The symposium may serve to attract more potential members. The discussion then focused on the problem of sustaining a reasonable level of activity within the Chapter as represented by the diagram below. Amongst potential solutions was the suggestion that companies using SD host student visits. The company/student interactions could form an activity of the chapter, serve to interest and enthuse students for real-life applications and allow the companies to showcase their applications. The overall consensus was that this looks like a promising option, but that the planned symposium will also provide a venue through which existing and potential clients can be introduced to System Dynamics Modelling.

Jill Slinger indicated that she would be resigning at chair and planned to hand over to the newly elected chair at the symposium, following a nomination and election round. She requested attendees to consider whether they would be willing to stand for chairperson or whether they knew of others willing to take on this office. The meeting closed with thanks to all for attending and the agreement to actively recruit other people to the Benelux Chapter.
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