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System Dynamics Training Material Developer at DynaMundo, LLC

Background of Organization

DynaMundo is a vibrant, research-driven, interdisciplinary network of experts with experience in consulting and modeling. We partner with clients to solve complex organizational problems through a unique combination of engineering-based modeling and participatory group facilitation. 



Position Title

System Dynamics Training Material Developer

Position Description

We are searching for a qualified candidate to serve in a short-term contractor position for a project
—in collaboration with DynaMundo leadership—that will aim to produce training and education materials of varying levels and complexities for external training and educational purposes. The ideal candidate will be able to communicate their knowledge of System Dynamics from a basic, introductory level to a more rigorous, advanced level, and apply that knowledge in a persuasive and effective manner. You will be able to think about System Dynamics in a commercial way, increasing its presence, buy-in, and usage within global industries. Success in initial training slide deck can result in follow up work on more advanced training products.

●  Able to clearly explain systems thinking and System Dynamics methodologies to a variety of audiences with varying skill levels, backgrounds, and needs
●  Able to produce clear, precise, and thorough Powerpoint Presentations
●  Strong and proven computer modeling and/or Group Model Building experience
●  Excellent written, oral, and communication skills
●  Experience in structuring and developing rigorous training and communication materials
●  Current or completed Master’s degree in System Dynamics or a related field
●  Ability to commit at most 8 hours per applicable week of work
Application Process
Please apply by sending:
1) a Resume/CV,
2) a brief description about why you feel appropriate for this position,
3) and two slides describing a) what is System Dynamics and b) why is it useful for clients in the market?

Send to Alan Mozaffari at [email protected]
We are accepting applicants until December 31, 2018


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