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Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Organization University College Dublin (Ireland) - Laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing Simulation
Address Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
Contact Person Dr. Vincent Hargaden ([email protected])
Position Title Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Job Location Dublin, Ireland
Application Deadline 22nd March 2019
Position Description

The objective of the H2020 VALUMICS project is to provide decision makers throughout food value chains with a comprehensive suite of approaches and tools that will enable them to evaluate the impact of strategic and operational policies, and enhance the resilience, integrity, fairness and sustainability of food value chains for European countries. 

This includes new modelling approaches, consumer research, foresight analysis and synthesis into policy options, adding new perspectives for policy makers, both in government and within the food industry sector. The dynamics within the food systems are being modelled in Workpackage 2 using a causal loop analysis framework (from System Dynamics), from which an Agent Based Simulation model is being developed in Workpackage 7 covering the interconnected value, supply, and decision chains.

A Post-Doctoral Research Fellow is sought for Task 4.6 “Risk & Resilience” in Work Package 4. The Post-Doctoral Research Fellow will also contribute to Workpackage 7 deliverables (Implementing New Advances in Quantitative Modelling). University College Dublin is the lead partner for Task 4.6 and for Workpackage 7.

Task 4.6 will develop an Agent Based Simulation risk and resilience assessment model specifically tailored to food supply chains, building on existing supply chain risk management literature and the structures and system parameters derived in the other project workpackages. Based on case studies of food value chains, a comprehensive set of vulnerabilities (risks) will be identified along with the capabilities required to mitigate each risk. This agent based model’s integration within the larger agent-based model in Work Package 7 will enable firms to assess their exposure to these risks and to develop the appropriate capabilities in order to design resilient value chains. A third-party software company called Assist will build this agent based model into a software application as part of the VALUMICS project.

The Post-Doctoral Research Fellow is expected to have advanced expertise in Agent-Based Simulation and Modelling. Successful candidates will join the Laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing Simulation (LAMS) in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at University College Dublin. There will also be close collaboration with colleagues in UCD School of Business who are leading Workpackage 7.

 Required Skills
  • PhD in supply chain management, industrial engineering, operations research, management science or a closely related mathematical and/or computational discipline.
  • Expertise in agent-based modelling and simulation.
  • Experience using relevant programming languages/software packages, in particular open source languages such as Repast.
  • A demonstrated commitment to research and publications.
  • An understanding of the operational requirements for a successful research project involving other research organisations and industry partners.
  • Evidence of research activity (publications, conference presentations, awards) and future scholarly output (working papers, research proposals and an ability to outline a research project).
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written).
  • Excellent organisation and administrative skills including a proven ability to work to deadlines.
Desired Skills
  • Working and/or research experience in food supply chains, such as dairy, beef or fish.
  • Familiarity with System Dynamics (Causal Loop Diagrams) and development of Agent Based Simulation Models from these.
Salary Range €37,223 -  €37,757 per annum
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