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New Mexico State University

Background of Organization

The New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NM WRRI) is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico at New Mexico State University. The NM WRRI was established in 1963 by the New Mexico legislature and approved under the 1964 federal Water Resources Research Act. The institute funds research conducted by faculty and students from universities across the state to address water problems critical to New Mexico and the Southwest. The institute also participates in joint efforts to solve water-related problems along the U.S./Mexico border. Through its support of research and its interaction and cooperation with other water resources entities, the institute continuously strives to alleviate water problems, working toward ensuring an ample supply of high quality water for future generations.


New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM 88003

Contact person

Professor Alexander (Sam) Fernald (Director of NM WRRI) ([email protected] | 575-646-4337)


Brown School of Social Work at the Danforth Campus

Position Title

Research Assistant

Job Location

Las Cruces, NM

Position Description

New Mexico faces serious challenges concerning the supply, development, quality, management, and administration of water resources; responses to the challenges will have major impacts on the regional economy, environmental quality, and the quality of life for the residents of New Mexico. A major need exists to train the next generation of water resource researchers, educators, and managers to address these challenges, both inside and outside New Mexico.



To help meet these needs, the graduate student will work with our interdisciplinary research team to explore and analyze alternative policies and competing strategies that could potentially maintain and improve socioeconomic welfare of New Mexicans by providing better access to high quality water. The project is funded by the New Mexico Bureau of Reclamation and is focused on development of system dynamics models to investigate short- and long-term impacts of alternative water supply systems in the semi-arid areas of New Mexico State.

Applicants with a strong background in hydrology and water resources engineering and quantitative research methods are encouraged to apply. NM WRRI provides pioneering doctoral training in the area of socio-hydrology, including unique opportunities to work with a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in hydrology and water resources, system dynamics, energy, economics, and geology.

How to Apply

  • You are required to submit a CV combined with a cover letter to Prof. Sam Fernald. Your cover letter should indicate your research interests, experiences, and skills and whether and how they would aligned with our research areas.

    If there is a good match between your background and qualifications and the objectives of the NM WRRI, you will be invited for interview.

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