Conference 2003, New York City, USA

Conference Closing

Jay Forrester, Lina K. Al-Qatawneh and Susan Forrester

The Policy Council Meeting

Roberta Spencer, Pål Davidsen, Bob Eberlein, Jay Forrester and Carol Francis

The Conference Banquet

Enzo Bivona, Giovan Battista Montemaggiore, Jay Forrester, and Gianliborio Marrone

Monday Welcome Reception

Nelson Repenning and Jay Forrester

Economic Theory for the New Millenium

Jay W. Forrester plenary presentation

Jay W. Forrester

Jay's birthday celebration

Jay Forrester, pictured with Bob Eberlein, Erich Zahn and Jim Lyneis

Jay's birthday celebration

Bob Eberlein, Jay Forrester and John Sterman