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 Lupina Young Researchers Award Winners

The Health Policy Special Interest Group (HPSIG) of the System Dynamics Society is pleased to present the Lupina Young Researchers Award for work in health system dynamics, which will be awarded at this summer’s International System Dynamics Conference. The award is sponsored by the Lupina Foundation of Toronto, Canada, and will be accompanied by a check in the amount of CAN$5000. The award will be presented to the recipient (or recipients) during the HPSIG meeting on the Sunday afternoon meeting just preceding the conference, and a brief announcement will also be made to all conference attendees at a plenary session.

This award will be given to people at early stages of their careers to encourage them to do further work in health system dynamics. In the event that the winning paper represents the equal work of two young researchers, or if there is a tie among papers, the cash prize may be subdivided. The work considered for this award must be accepted as a paper for presentation at the International System Dynamics Conference. Papers are self-nominated, and to be eligible, the author(s) must either be in graduate school or have completed their educational training no more than five years prior to paper submission.

Authors need not be members of the System Dynamics Society and may, in fact, specialize in other methodologies and use them in their submitted papers. But their work must:

* Focus on dynamic phenomena in health systems and problems,
* Demonstrate technical quality and clear presentation, and
* Provide original insights derived from a dynamic analysis.

The winner(s) must be present at the HPSIG meeting to receive their prize, and be willing to discuss their winning work at that meeting.

2020 Lupina Award Committee Chair: David Lounsbury, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Nomination Procedure To be considered for the prize you should follow the self-nomination procedure when you submit your paper to the conference, or no later than the conference submission deadline.

Sample Statement

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FAX: +1 (518) 463-8656


Attn: Lupina Young Researchers Award
System Dynamics Society
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Littleton, MA 01460-0542 USA

Dear Committee Members,

In regards to the paper #XXXX titled “Title” for which I am listed as an author:

I certify that __________ (list all eligible authors) [is/are] responsible for the great majority (at least 85%) of the background research, modeling, and writing (including revisions) of this paper. I further certify that [he/she/they] [is/are] either in graduate school or [has/have] completed [his/her/their] educational training no more than five years prior to paper submission and [is/are] qualified to receive the Lupina Young Researchers Award for this work. [His/her/their] dates of graduation are as follows: ________ (list actual or planned date(s) of graduation for each eligible author.)