Oral History of the SD Society

al History of the System Dynamics Society

As part of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the field of System Dynamics being celebrated in the summer of 2007 in Boston, we intend to create a type of oral history of the founding of the System Dynamics Society (which took place just about 25 years ago). We have asked some people to participate to “get the ball rolling,” but all are welcome to share their stories in this project.*

Thank you. David Andersen, John Morecroft and Roberta Spencer

Precursor conference-related events—the 1981 Conference in Rensselaerville by David Andersen, John Morecroft and Roberta Spencer

The 1976 International Conference on System Dynamics— Geilo by Jorgen Randers

From Dynamica to the System Dynamics Review by Eric Wolstenholme

The Early Years: A Voluntary Effort by Michael J. Radzicki

MIT D-Memos and System Dynamics Newsletters by Jay W. Forrester

The Origin of Our Constitution by Jack Pugh

System Dynamics Beginnings – Some Recollections by Khalid Saeed

Early Developments of the System Dynamics Venture by Michel Karsky and Bernard Paulré

The Founding of the System Dynamics Review by George P. Richardson

A Brief and Incomplete History of Operational Gaming in System Dynamics by Dennis Meadows

Making System Dynamics Useful by Edward B. Roberts

The First Executive Director, Julie Pugh, and the transition from a voluntary enterprise by Roberta Spencer

Other History Documents:

Morecroft, John (1983A). “ Report on the 1983 International System Dynamics Conference, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, July 27-30, 1983”, D-3482, MIT System Dynamics Group, Cambridge MA.

Morecroft, John (1983B). Archive documents from an early meeting of the Society’s Executive Committee on 28th November 1983.

Memo and proposal from John Morecroft to 1981 Rensselaerville Conference participants on “Interest Group on Conference Continuity and Proefessional Society,” with welcome note to conference participants by Roberta Spencer

1976 Geilo, Norway Conference Photo with key to “who is who,” donated by Brian Dangerfield

List of First Officers (1983-1984)

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