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The System Dynamics Review provides the latest world wide developments in the field and is available with your membership.

System Dynamics Bibliography  Members of the Society maintain an active data base of publications in the field, This resource is available online at no cost on a shareware basis.

The Case Repository provides a collection of consulting projects that are performed after 1990 and used System Dynamics as their method.

DYNAMICA  A digital archive including all papers published (1975-1984) in the journal Dynamica, the precursor to the Society’s current journal System Dynamics Review.

Newsletters since 1988.

Many past conference proceedings are available as open source, including complete papers (if available). Hardcopies of most conference proceedings are available for sale.

Most Presidents’ Addresses since 1983.

Selected Readings

Oral History of the System Dynamics Society  In 2007, as part of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the field of System Dynamics, a type of oral history of the founding of the System Dynamics Society was gathered.

Jay W. Forrester Biography  “The Power of the Bond Between Cause and Effect (Full version: Jay Wright Forrester and the Field of System Dynamics” by David C. Lane  (published in System Dynamics Review 23(2-3)

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