Reading Supporting Material

Supporting Material files are supplied by some authors. When available, there will be a link labeled “Supporting” in the Paper and Workshop Index found on the conference website. Click on this link to access the supplied supporting materials.

  • Viewing/Opening/Reading the Supporting Material:

Supporting materials will contain either a single file, or .zip/.rar or other archive which can be opened with a number of utilities or directly on some operating systems. Supporting materials may include plain text files or other commonly used file types. In addition, models may be included and these will have file extensions that depend on the software used to create them. Below, find information on how to access no-cost readers or run-time versions of regularly used software from several system dynamics software publishers. Follow the links within the descriptions below to the software needed to view the files.

The following chart lists file name extensions and the corresponding software you need to view the file.

File Name ExtensionSoftware Needed
.stmx, .itmx, .xmile Stella, iThink
.sip Powersim Studio
.vmf, .vpa, .vpm, .mdl Vensim
.vmdl Ventity


STELLA/iThink by isee systems:

This link will navigate you to the FREE isee Player. The isee Player lets you view, run and share both Stella and iThink models and is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. The Player allows you to navigate through models, simulate them and explore behavior using Stella Live. You will not be able to make changes to or save simulation results.

POWERSIM SOLUTIONS offers Powersim Studio by Powersim Software :

New features of Studio 10: multi-core support, 64 & 32 bit versions, and presentation sidekick that can use HTML content. ***A new, FREE Studio 10 Express for STUDENTS, TEACHERS, & others to build and test small models, along with a fully-functional 30-day trial version of Powersim Studio 10 Enterprise edition are available for download.

VENSIM by Ventana Systems:

The Vensim Model Reader can be used to open Vensim model files with extension .vpm or .vpa. This is FREE software which will allow you to view and simulate models, changing the parameters but not model structure. Many models (.vmf, .vpm, and .mdl) can also be opened using Vensim PLE, which is FREE for educational use. Both PLE and the Reader are available for download.

VENTITY by Ventana Systems:

Ventity opens models with extension .vmdl, which are normally part of a project folder that should be unzipped before launching the model. Ventity is available as a FREE trial and academic licenses are also free.

Attention Vendors:
If your software is not represented here, please contact the Society office. Thank you.

NOTE: The information above is updated annually as needed. If you are unable to open a supporting material file using this information, please contact the appropriate vendor.