Session Types

  1. Plenary Sessions for high-quality work that is of broad general interest. Each presenter will have approximately 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion.

  2. Parallel Sessions for quality work that lends itself well to oral presentation. Each presenter will have approximately 15 minutes with 5 minutes for discussion. There would be 3 papers in a 1-hour session.

  3. Poster Presentations for quality work and promising work in progress that lends itself well to interactive one-on-one discussion. There will be one or more times at which posters are presented.

  4. Work-in-Progress Discussion Sessions for work in progress that is of general interest. There would be less time devoted to presentation and more time devoted to discussion relative to a parallel session. Work in progress sessions, even more than other presentation sessions, require a clear unifying theme, whether it be application area, methodological approach, geography, or something else the presentations have in common. The moderator would need to prepare remarks that help foster discussion both with members of the audience and with different presenters. The real goal of these sessions is to get groups of people working on related issues talking amongst themselves. There could be up to 5 presentations in a 1-hour session.

  5. Feedback Sessions for work that needs support and guidance to bring it to the standards of the conference. All presentations will be done by a moderator with suggestions and ideas of things that might be done. Authors would be encouraged to attend. They will not present, but should have the opportunity to share in the discussion during the moderator's presentation. There would be up to 5 papers in a 1-hour session based on scheduling requirements.

  6. Model Exposition for interesting models that can be shared with others interactively. These sessions would occur during specified times and be unmoderated.

  7. Specialized Presentations (typically posters) may be made for material that is of interest but does not conform to the norms of other submissions.

Normally, all session types will be offered at a conference, though the Program Chairs and Conference Organizers may choose to drop some of them based on submitted material and logistical constraints. Plenary, parallel, and poster sessions will be offered at all conferences.