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All Staff Members can be reached by calling the Society Office at (518) 580-4071.  The Office email is [email protected]

Rebecca Niles, Executive Director

Rebecca Niles
Executive Director, Joined 2020
[email protected]
Littleton, MA, USA
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Prior to joining the Society, Rebecca spent more than 25 years supporting corporate and philanthropic clients in diverse content areas. She began her career as a strategy consultant at Monitor Company, honed her skills as a Systems Thinking facilitator at GKA Inc., worked as a Vice President of acquisitions in affordable housing for Boston Financial, and built her own Systems Thinking consulting practice through which she was a key contributor to the Rippel Foundation's ReThink Health InitiativeClimate Interactive's Agritopia,  and Dialogos' work for the US Forestry Service.  Other clients have included Vistaprint, Elizabeth Dole Foundation, AT&T, Ford, Smithkline Beecham, Shell, Amoco, and the USDA.  Her expertise centers on the use of collaborative causal mapping and System Dynamics simulation models to help organizations and multi-sector collaboratives think together better. Rebecca received her training in Systems Dynamics as a UROP student in Jay Forrester's Pre-College Education Project and a student of John Sterman while pursuing a BS in Civil Engineering from MIT and an MBA from MIT Sloan. She has also served on the SDS Policy Council and been a guest lecturer at MIT Executive Education, MIT Wharton School, Dartmouth, and Brown. In addition to serving as the Executive Director of the Society, she will continue to provide facilitation services for Climate Interactive's Climate Change Solutions Simulator (En-ROADs) and the ReThink Health Dynamics Model in an effort to spread the reach of Systems Thinking in sustainability and population health.  When not working as a Systems Thinking Evangelist, Rebecca loves to travel the world, recently visiting Mexico, Chile, Morocco, Brazil, Uganda. and Iceland to spend time with school children, whale sharks, camels, street art, gorillas, and waterfalls.  When stuck at home, she enjoys gardening, swimming, dancing, and renovating properties.


Mike Breslin, Executive AssistantMike Breslin
Executive Assistant, Joined 2016
Albany, NY
[email protected]
Mike has been a key member of the Society staff since December of 2016.  He aided in the transition from Albany to Capitol Hill Management Services and oversees the office staff responsible for accounting, social media, conference planning, product fulfillment, and member services.  Mike is essential to keeping everything running in the background and is the first point of contact for most members.  Prior to joining the Society, he worked in Higher Education for over a decade with a focus on providing excellent services to student. Mike earned his MBA from the Sage Colleges and a BS in Mathematics from Union College. When not responding to your emails and phone calls, Mike enjoys lifting heavy things, running, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.



Roberta L. Spencer
Special Projects 

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Jeff Boss
Staff Accountant




Babak Bahaddin
Doctoral Student Assistant