System Dynamics Tools

System Dynamics is an approach to solving problems that utilizes different tools, most notably simulation, to support the work. These pages contain links to many tools, both open source and proprietary, that are frequently used by people working in the field. Some of the open source tools are hosted here, with contact information provided for the person or people responsible for maintaining the tool.  Other tools contain a description along with a link to the location where the tool can be obtained and some indication of the licensing form the tool is provided under.

The tools are organized by category, with each tool appearing in a single category (though there may be mention of it in the see also notes at the end of each category description. Click on the links here, or the menu on the left, to go to a particular category.

Wikipedia has a page comparing SD software. This is NOT a comprehensive comparison. Please use with care and visit the individual vendor sites.

Core Software is used to build and simulate system dynamics models. The majority of published work in the field has been done using these tools. Extensive Software is used to build and simulate models that may contain some system dynamics formulations but also other modeling forms and diagrammatic representations.

Web based tools are used to engage people in web activities related either to existing model execution or model development.

Pedagogical tools are aimed at teaching and conveying principles of accumulation, feedback and the relationship of structure and behavior.

Documenting tools are used to document and explain model structure.

Group model building tools are used to assist the group modeling building process.

Model analysis tools are used to understand model structure and its relationship to behavior.

Other open source tools can be used in a variety of ways to work with models as well as their inputs and results.

Other sites, lists additional external web sites maintained by members of the system dynamics community that also lists tools and resources.

For more information, or to submit your tool to be included on this site, please contact Leonard A. Malczynski at [email protected].