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Workshop Day – Thursday, July 25, 2019
The 37th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA ◊ July 21-25, 2019

We invite you to submit a Workshop Proposal. The conference program will include one full day of skill-building, hands-on workshops and tutorial sessions that will run in parallel. Workshops will cover a range of topics from basic software use to advanced analysis techniques, demonstrating the state of the art in the theory and application of System Dynamics. Workshops are open to all conference attendees at no additional cost. All attendees, whether presenting or not, must register for the conference.

Workshops are facilitated by experienced System Dynamics practitioners. Those less experienced are encouraged to submit a research paper or work-in-progress paper to be considered for the regular program.

Workshop proposals require an abstract and additional information described below, based on which the proposal will be accepted or rejected. You do not need to submit a paper with your workshop proposal, and it is not expected. You may, however, submit a paper and supporting material that will be helpful to workshop participants.

Acceptance of workshop proposals is based on significance, interest to system dynamicists, and level of audience interaction or hands-on involvement. The workshop sessions are intended to be purely instructional; no commercial promotion is allowed. If you are presenting a workshop related to commercially available products or services, we ask that you defer any discussion of pricing, customers, testimonials or other marketing related issues to a time outside the workshop. The workshop itself should be entirely devoted to conveying the content described in the abstract. Presenters may give a website and contact information and make available a brochure to participants.

Proposals for workshops and tutorials are welcome and can be submitted online between February 4, 2019, and March 11, 2019. For full information and to submit, please log in to the  Submission Home and choose the submission type: Workshop Submission. Again, note that paper submissions are not required for workshops.

“Getting Started With [Software]” Workshop Submission Software vendors are welcome to offer workshops at the conference introducing the use of their software. The workshops will introduce attendees to the mechanics of the software and will provide an opportunity for attendees to get hands-on experience with a demo version. This type of workshop has been offered before and has received great reviews from our attendees. This is a general invitation to offer a software workshop.

Software users’ group meetings will be held during the conference. If you are a software provider, please send an email message [email protected] to schedule a software users’ group meeting.

Information you will be asked to provide:

  • Title
  • Abstract: (For Program and Conference Record) maximum 200 words
  • Workshop Description: (For Chairs) minimum of 200 words, but not more than one page.
  • Thread: scheduling will be based on the thread.
  • Link information: may be used for reading, software downloads, or other related information.

Other Workshop Specifics you will be asked to provide:

  • Time Needed: Workshop time slots are 1.5 hours, 3 hours, or 6 hours.
  • Expected number of participants
  • Space: Indicate if your workshop is limited to a certain number of participants. (Most rooms accommodate up to 100.)
  • Room Set-up: Choose set-up of room: Theater, Classroom, Work group, or U-shaped.
  • Restrictions: Indicate any special room set-up or scheduling restrictions.
  • Participant Requirements:
    • Level of System Dynamics experience targeted by the workshop (Everyone, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).
    • What should the participant bring to the workshop? (For example: a laptop.)
    • What reading or preparation should participants do? Provide link or upload advanced reading material or paper about the workshop.
    • Upload other supplementary material or model.
  • Notes for Program Committee: Notes to program committee including target sessions, related papers and thread issues.
(Please note that though we will convey participant requirements to those signing up for the workshop, not everyone will pay close attention, and some will likely show up less than fully prepared).